Some mask assemblages by my wife, Marcia Tiffany

Practical, inspiring alternative energy projects: Build It Solar

A flashback to the Whole Earth Catalog: Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools

Skate sail plans -- fun winter sport!

Processing is a free, open source, multi-platform programming language ideal for visual artists. Open Processing has thousands of examples of what can be done with it.

I'm intrigued by the alternative economic system known as Non-POM, which is short for Non-Physical-Object Money. It's a total redesign of the concept of money that could change it from being "the root of all evil" to being the root of only good.

Individuals would earn money based on how much net benefit they create for other people. The more you improve the world for others, the more money you earn for yourself. The system is structured so that the ones determining your pay have personal reasons to be fair, and no monetary incentive not to be.

The novel Invisible Hand, by Larry Mason, imagines America's transition to Non-POM and shows how it would work once established. Read it on the Kindle.